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Welcome to Herndon Children’s Center! We are a non-profit organization that for more than 25 years has offered the community a positive, nurturing environment for children to learn, play, and grow.

CONGRATULATIONS to our staff and families for being named a Top Daycare Center/Preschool” by Northern Virginia Magazine!  

  • We provide year-round care for ages 3 months to pre-K, offer low student-to-teacher ratios, and employ a highly trained, caring staff.
  • We are committed to a developmental, child-centered approach that values individuality, social interaction, and experiential learning.
  • We are governed by parent and community-led board of directors that prioritizes excellence in care.
  • We follow the federal government schedule for holidays and closures.
  • We are proudly accredited by NAEYC
  • HCC previously operated as The Federal Children’s Center and was sponsored by the federal government for 23 years. We privatized in 2013.

 Now accepting applications with rolling enrollment!


Herndon Children’s Center, Inc. (HCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing families that live and work in the surrounding community with quality childcare and educational enrichment. We do this by fostering a developmental, child-centered approach that nurtures children’s social, intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being.

HCC is governed by a board of directors—composed of parent representatives and local community members—that is committed to building on our experienced staff and maintaining exceptional staff-to-child ratios. The center nurtures children from 3 months of age through pre-K. Our curriculum emphasizes the developmental growth of each child and instills positive social values.


HCC emphasizes practices that respect each child as an individual, encourage friendship and respect among the children and staff, and foster growth and creativity through hands-on learning and play.


  • Recognize each child is an individual and provide opportunities for self-expression
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of diversity and respect for every child’s cultural, ethnic, and family background
  • Offer opportunities for each child to choose activities according to his/her interests and move freely from one activity to another

 Social Interaction

  • Guide children in developing ways to get along with one another
  • Foster attitudes of mutual respect between adults and children
  • Support children’s friendships and provide them with opportunities to be involved in decision-making about group and individual activities

 Experiential Learning

  • Create an environment rich in materials that allow for concrete experiences and build the foundation for later, more abstract experiences
  • Offer movement experiences to develop children’s physical and motor skills
  • Encourage growth in visual, auditory, and tactile perception to sharpen the senses
  • Offer opportunities for oral expression
  • Foster creative expression through art, movement, music, cooking, and storytelling
  • Help develop habits of success