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HCC provides care for children from three (3) months of age through pre-K.

Full-Time Care: The majority of children enrolled at HCC attend full time. Children who attend five (5) days a week are considered full time.

Slot-Sharing: Slot-sharing opportunities are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by HCC’s Director. The slot-sharing option is limited to two (2) age- and developmentally-compatible children attending on complimentary days to constitute one full-time slot. Parents may not sublet or share slots without written approval from the Director.

Part-Time Care: HCC generally does not offer part-time enrollment. In the event a classroom has a vacancy and current staffing allows, HCC’s Director may allow for Part-Time enrollment on a case by case basis.

For additional care options, contact the Center Director.


HCC ratios are improved from state licensing requirements and adhere to NAEYC recommended ratios. Children are placed in age-appropriate groups considering both developmental and chronological age. Primarily, children are transitioned into the next classroom in September if developmentally ready. Periodically, children may be transitioned during the school year when space is available and the child is developmentally ready. Tuition changes when the child transitions to the next classroom. 

Program Staff-to-Child Ratio # of Children
Junior Infants 1:3 9
Senior Infants 1:3 9
Junior Ones (Lions) 1:4 10
Senior Ones (Tigers) 1:5 10
Junior Twos (Pandas) 1:6 12
Senior Twos (Polar Bears) 1:6 12
Preschool (Dolphins) 1:8 18
Junior Pre-K 1:10 18
Senior Pre-K 1:10 18




Toward the end of each school year—typically in late July or early August—the Director will schedule a transition meeting for each new class. These meetings provide parents and their children with an opportunity to meet the staff, learn about the activities and expectations for the upcoming school year, and visit the new classrooms. Information is also provided regarding the PTC, the Board of Directors, and other opportunities for parents to become involved in HCC. All families are encouraged to attend these meetings, which are conducted at the end of the school day.

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