Jr Twos

Pandas and Polars focus on potty training and developing socialization. Children learn negotiation tactics in sharing. Self help skills are stressed as they learn to dress, zip, and pour. A little Spanish is introduced, as well as colors, shapes, counting and learning about the world around us through interesting topics. Music and both fine and gross motor activities are daily events. Potty Parties celebrating the end of diapers are major celebrations!

Panda Bears                                           Polar Bears                                            
Ages in September Ages in September
24mos - 30mos 30mos - 36mos
6 children: 1 caregiver 6 children: 1 caregiver
Group size 12 Group size 12
3 Staff / class 3 Staff / class

Note:  This is the Potty Training Program.  Children must be fully potty trained to move to Preschool the following September.